Let's talk about Database Migration.

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I found about database migration on AWS. So I decided to investigate more on this topic in the past few days and then thought of sharing what I know, with you guys. Let’s jump straight to the topic.


What is Database Migration? Database Migration is simply the process of migrating data from one database to another. Is that it? Certainly not. When you are converting your original database into a new database, more often than not, you will have to convert your source database schema and code into the target database.

By considering this schema and code conversion, we can identify two types of database migrations. …

This post will be helpful to all the IT/CS undergraduates out there.

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In this post, I will be discussing all the notable features that you can gain by your university email address. I am also an IT Undergraduate, therefore I will try to share my experiences in this article.

Please note that some of these tools might not be accessible to you, as it will primarily rely on your university. This article does not contain any sponsorships, this is completely written on my experiences. With that out of the way, let's get started.

The list of tools I will discuss in this article,

01. Coursera for University Students

02. AWS Educate

03. Github…

🤔 Ever heard of Game Theory?

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What if I tell you, you can predict the winner of a game even before playing the game.😮 Yes, you can do that using Game Theory. If you are new to competitive programming, Game Theory might be something new to you. However, Game Theory programming problems are common in most hackathons.


Using Game Theory, you can predict winners but only in combinatorial games. Combinatorial Games, are games that will be played by two persons and these games will not have randomization (Ex. Coin Toss). …

Let's try to implement animations in our Flutter App🔮

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Here, I am going to show you six flutter animations that you can add to your application. Flutter makes it much easier to handle these animations. Also, there are many ways to add animations in Flutter. You can go for packages which can be found in dart pub or you can use Animated Builder widget where you can go for every single detail of your animation.

For this post, I will use Animated Builder Widget . If you are unaware of this Animated Builder Widget refer to this document here. …

What you need to consider before deploying your MERN App.

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Most programmers including me 😅, when it comes to deploying your web application, they are just too exhausted with all the development process. They just want to get rid of that project and be done with it. But I did my research and finally learned the art of deploying. As a developer, you must know that getting your project ready for deployment might take some doing.

In this medium post, I will discuss the steps that you need to consider before deploying your web application. …

The newest kid in town

Deno Logo
Deno Logo
Deno Logo from Deno.land

In this Medium post let’s dive into Deno. We all know Node.js and simply we love it. We use that as a JavaScript eco-system. We can introduce Deno as an enhanced version of Node.js. Deno is related to Node in many ways. In fact, Deno is created by the same developer (Ryan Dahl) who created Node.js.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Deno
  • Installing Deno
  • Building your first Deno Server
  • Features of Deno
  • Deno vs Node.js
  • Conclusion

Introduction to Deno

Deno was introduced back in 2018 by Ryan Dahl — the developer who created Node. I think you should watch that announcement in the 2018 JSConf EU. There, he lists all the regrets that he has with Node. Well, that’s how technology is, it evolves day by day. Node has its flaws but that did not prevent it from being this popular run-time environment. It’s simple and unique in its own way (Love Node💙). That’s the case, Node has been well established and there are certain implementations that you cannot add to Node because that will result in having compatibility issues for those applications that use Node. Deno is the solution to those flaws. Instead of replacing your current application with Deno, you could try using it for your new apps. …

Let’s learn about being agile as a developer.

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Hello There, Welcome Back! 😃

What is Agile?

Developing software is completely different than building houses, where you would stick to a plan from beginning to the end. As a developer, you need to catch up with technologies that will evolve day by day. Therefore you cannot stick to a specific plan in the process of developing your new idea or your client's application, it just would not work. Well then that brings up the question, how will I ever understand what I should do and should not do or when this project can be finished?

You cannot do your work as a developer without having a plan or at least some guidelines. That’s where “Agile Software Development ” comes into play. Agile defines how to do the work of developing software by introducing a linear sequential model. Agile is a set of values and principles. It can be defined as a philosophy, rather than a methodology. …

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate unsung hero of connectivity

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Programmers are making sure that they help each other out. APIs are one of the many ways that they are proving that also. Unlike in the earlier days of Computer Programming, in nowadays programmers are not building everything from scratch. Instead, they are being capable of assembling different programs and building one single unit. APIs are the main method to do so.

What is an API

API which is also known as Application Programming Interface can be explained simply as this,

The ability to use other peoples’ code in your application.

Too Simple? let me give you a more complex…

Analyze and understand JavaScript versions and their notable features

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Image by tsmr from Pixabay

If you want to find out how JavaScript works and how it has been able to become the most popular programming language in 2020, you can check out my previous medium post here.


We do believe in the saying ‘change is the law of life’. If you’re a programmer, I think you would agree with me, hands down. Every programming language, every technology evolves day by day. Now if you take JavaScript, for example, JavaScript was implemented at first only to make web pages alive and be interactive with the user. …

Let’s dive a little deeper into the most popular programming language in 2020 and understand how it works.

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Javascript was created back in 1995 by Brendan Eich. This programming language was used in ‘Netscape Web Browser’. Back then in 1995, it was the most popular web browser. With javascript, Netscape was able to automate user’s interactions with specific components of a website.


Sahan Amarsha

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